Chop it off

'Tis the season to chop your locks!

There is nothing more liberating than sitting in a chair and allowing someone else the pleasure of transforming your look into something fresh.


Dressing up

photo via fffound!

I love dressing up, whether it is an excuse to wear false lashes, or lip liner. I am in.

Halloween is a perfect excuse to dress up, even if it is as someone else!

Last year, I dressed as snow white, my lis where painted scarlet and I powdered my face fair. I dawned a black bob (wig) with an oversized bow. I felt like I became her.

Who will you be this year?


Fall(ing) For it.

photo via Pinterest

Time is literally flying by us. Too quickly to keep up with our busy lives, and definitely in keeping up with our looks! I looked in the mirror just the other day and cringed at the sight of my crispy ends and knew I had neglected to get a haircut when I was supposed to.

I made a quick call, was able to get a trim and Voila! I feel amazing and ready to take on the next couple weeks before my next appointment.

Don't fall into the same ugly trap. PreBook your appointment while you are still in the salon, that way- you are set up and you don't have to worry about forgetting to take care of yourself.

Come on! It happens!

Here is your friendly reminder to book your next couple appointments before the Holiday Season! You know you will be in a plethora of family photos, and you need to look good!


A reason to look good.

photo via pinterest

Sometimes I wish I could buy a fancy dress, a new pair of high heeled shoes, and have an excuse to schedule an appointment to have my makeup done. I need to embrace my femininity more than just taking care of my son and swiping a floral scented deodorant under my arms.

I want to back comb my hair and wear a heavy lid of eye makeup and go out, somewhere besides the grocery store with a pocket full of coupons and a weekly dinner menu plan.

I want a clutch filled with nothing but powder for my nose and stain for my lips. 

I want my man to open the doors for me and strangers to nod and smile.

Is that so much to ask?

What is your excuse to getting dolled up?


The Worst Haircut Ever...

I am dying laughing so hard. 
I just love little kids, and when little kids give other little kids haircuts- it kills me every time. I have had the pleasure of fixing a few of these incidents in my day, and I sometimes wonder what were they thinking and how on earth did they even cut those hairs where they did. 

After listening to This Piece, now all my questions have been answered. 

I was laughing so hard my laugh was silent, this is just too funny.

My day has been made. Enjoy!



I freaking LURRRRVE(#love) Autumn.

The cooler temps and the wood burning scent is making my want to grab my plaid and boots and run off into the next season.

What is going to be your new look for the new season. I was hoping to go for the red hair and freckles look.

In my dreams I guess.


Classic Cut.

I love it when I stumbled upon a photo of a classic haircut.

I love it even more when one of my most favorite people ever is wearing said, classic haircut.

Oh Shannon. You do it so right all the time.
Thank you.



photo via stylecaster.com

When I first saw this I immediately thought of 
Cruella Deville. 

And then I sat back, and looked at it again and fell in LOVE!

I love anyone with the guts and the profession to be able to do fun and daring things with their look.

What I love even more about this is that she still looks pretty! Her skin in flawless, her sunglasses couldn't be more perfect and her shade of lipcolor is spot on.

I wish I knew her, so we could be friends. I am sure she is as awesome in real life as I have made her up in my head.


Move over Ombre..


Where has everyone been? The ombre was a huge hit two years ago and all of a sudden I am seeing it like it is new or something. Come on Ladies! Get with it!
It's pretty and all, but what we are seeing now is even BETTER!

It is softer, more natural and whole lot more glossy!

I love Sofia Vergara and of course I love her hair.

This is why.

When you look at her in photos you are immediately drawn to her hair- why? Because it is shiny! And! If you look even closer, her foils are placed underneath the top section of her hair creating an ombre-like-look without the harsh lines of the 'melting'. Also, when the light hits it just right it looks natural, which is the whole purpose of the Ombre anyways, right?

I also love that Sofia's colorist glazes her hair with a clear coat for the extra supple shine. Ask your stylist to do the same, I am sure they would love to!


Center part + Up

Photo via pinterest

I can't tell you how often it is that I see this style out on the streets. Because it's like... never.

And, honestly, It makes me really sad. Look at how lovely this is.

The center part, splitting her pretty face right down the center, but achieving balance through the height on top and sides with the tousled mess. (Of course, there are certain face shapes and hairlines that just will not allow a center part to happen, and that is okay!)

I am in love. If you are someone who can wear a center part, DO IT!

Then, get creative with it, try pulling just the hair on the sides (by your temples) back and pinning them. Or, get real crazy and backcomb the junk out of it and create a low 60's pony! Get out your eyeliner ladies, because once your hair is done, you know you are going to want to slap that on next!

photo via pinterest
    I think if I saw you in person with your hair parted down the center I would have to hug you. Thanks for listening.


Textured UpDO!

Photo via ModernSalon

When I first laid eyes on this photo, my jaw hit the floor.

I died a little inside.

Because...look at it.

It is gorgeous! 
I love the height, the texture, the perfectly coiffed mess of art/

 Go Here to learn how to do a peek a boo french braid, seems easy enough!


Pixie- need a--Fixie?

photo via pinterest

It's hot out, and my hair is LONNNG. 
I  joke about shaving my head. 
But  for a split second  I actually consider it.
I  imagine myself goin' all Britney Spears-y

But then realize, that's freakin ' CraZy!

This heat is making me wanna chop  my hair yo!

And I thought I would give you a heads up, just in case you  are thinking you want to do the same-

If you bring a photo (like this one above) into the salon and your stylist pulls out a scissors.... you need to RUN.

I mean, Run like the wind.

You will  never get the soft and feminine look that you deserve with a scissors, and if they think that pulling out their trusty  ole' texturizing shears is going to soften  it, they are lying to you!

Find a stylist who specializes in  razor cuts and  specifically short women's cuts with a razor. You will be so happy and you will surely get the cute and feminine pixie   that you will love.



Photo via pinterest

Let me explain to you why I freaking love these photos.

1. Her perfect traingular bang section and her bangs that are cut to the most precise length.

2. Not a piece of hair is out of place.

3. I don't know if she used a sock in that bun and I don't care if she did.

4. The shape of the bun isn't perfect, it's actually imperfect, and this makes me love it even more.

5. Her overly modest, and old fashioned white (dress/top) makes this photo classic.

That's just what I think anyways.


Crown Braid vs Heidi Braid vs Sunburn!

photo via pinterest

While in Hawaii last week, I thought I would get a little cute with my hair. SO, instead of drying and styling my hair, because, let's face it, I was in Hawaii for crying out loud. I decided to part it down the center, just past my bangs, and braid them up and pin them into a sweet little heidi braid headband.


What I forgot about was that HOT Hawaiian sun beating down on my my nice round head, scorching my said center part.

Dumb move.

 I, of course didn't notice until I wanted to shampoo my head the next day. I should have opted for the crown braid, and if I had another set of arms and fingers may have attempted to do one on myself.

I should have sprayed some spf of my part. And this where is advise YOU to spf your head!!

Days after, I cringed everytime I looked in the mirror and saw what looked like dandruff, but was my head peeling. So embarrassing.

Crown braid was the way to go, NO part, and no worries of a burnt head.

I will know next time!


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