Move over Ombre..


Where has everyone been? The ombre was a huge hit two years ago and all of a sudden I am seeing it like it is new or something. Come on Ladies! Get with it!
It's pretty and all, but what we are seeing now is even BETTER!

It is softer, more natural and whole lot more glossy!

I love Sofia Vergara and of course I love her hair.

This is why.

When you look at her in photos you are immediately drawn to her hair- why? Because it is shiny! And! If you look even closer, her foils are placed underneath the top section of her hair creating an ombre-like-look without the harsh lines of the 'melting'. Also, when the light hits it just right it looks natural, which is the whole purpose of the Ombre anyways, right?

I also love that Sofia's colorist glazes her hair with a clear coat for the extra supple shine. Ask your stylist to do the same, I am sure they would love to!

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