Center part + Up

Photo via pinterest

I can't tell you how often it is that I see this style out on the streets. Because it's like... never.

And, honestly, It makes me really sad. Look at how lovely this is.

The center part, splitting her pretty face right down the center, but achieving balance through the height on top and sides with the tousled mess. (Of course, there are certain face shapes and hairlines that just will not allow a center part to happen, and that is okay!)

I am in love. If you are someone who can wear a center part, DO IT!

Then, get creative with it, try pulling just the hair on the sides (by your temples) back and pinning them. Or, get real crazy and backcomb the junk out of it and create a low 60's pony! Get out your eyeliner ladies, because once your hair is done, you know you are going to want to slap that on next!

photo via pinterest
    I think if I saw you in person with your hair parted down the center I would have to hug you. Thanks for listening.

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