Crown Braid vs Heidi Braid vs Sunburn!

photo via pinterest

While in Hawaii last week, I thought I would get a little cute with my hair. SO, instead of drying and styling my hair, because, let's face it, I was in Hawaii for crying out loud. I decided to part it down the center, just past my bangs, and braid them up and pin them into a sweet little heidi braid headband.


What I forgot about was that HOT Hawaiian sun beating down on my my nice round head, scorching my said center part.

Dumb move.

 I, of course didn't notice until I wanted to shampoo my head the next day. I should have opted for the crown braid, and if I had another set of arms and fingers may have attempted to do one on myself.

I should have sprayed some spf of my part. And this where is advise YOU to spf your head!!

Days after, I cringed everytime I looked in the mirror and saw what looked like dandruff, but was my head peeling. So embarrassing.

Crown braid was the way to go, NO part, and no worries of a burnt head.

I will know next time!

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