Pixie- need a--Fixie?

photo via pinterest

It's hot out, and my hair is LONNNG. 
I  joke about shaving my head. 
But  for a split second  I actually consider it.
I  imagine myself goin' all Britney Spears-y

But then realize, that's freakin ' CraZy!

This heat is making me wanna chop  my hair yo!

And I thought I would give you a heads up, just in case you  are thinking you want to do the same-

If you bring a photo (like this one above) into the salon and your stylist pulls out a scissors.... you need to RUN.

I mean, Run like the wind.

You will  never get the soft and feminine look that you deserve with a scissors, and if they think that pulling out their trusty  ole' texturizing shears is going to soften  it, they are lying to you!

Find a stylist who specializes in  razor cuts and  specifically short women's cuts with a razor. You will be so happy and you will surely get the cute and feminine pixie   that you will love.

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