What the Neck?!?

(Audrey Hepburn via pinterest--
One of the most beautiful necks I have ever seen)

When was the last time you ever looked hard at your own neck?
Have you ever noticed it?
Have you ever stared at the lines of your collar or the way the skin melts into your shoulders and traces up to your jaw?
Have you noticed it's length or it's delicate size?

I am so happy to have a neck.
I am more happy that my neck has been a pedestal for my big head to sit upon.

I am also glad that my neck can be accessorized, flattered and fashioned in any way I please.

I have had clients sit in my chair whose necks have completely shaped their haircuts. I am so jealous of these clients. I have serious neck envy. yes, it is real.

Take a long look at your neck, embrace it.

It really is beautiful, isn't it?

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