2012: Visionary Trend.

I have a teeny tiny suspicion that I may know what is to come for a trend this year.

How do I know you may ask?
 Because I just do, OKay!

Ready for it?

Here it comes.
((Drum roll))

The lips?

The Brows?
OOO! Maybe? (I know I'll be rocking a bold brow this year!)

The Boat neck?
Been there- Done that...It's just classic!

THE Fringey Fringe Bangs!

Do you think you can pull these babies off?
Cause you know they are so freaking adorable!

Pick yourself up a faux clip in before taking the leap- OR just wear the clip on and keep your look!
Such a fun way to play with your look.

Here is a modern look of what we can expect.

Thank you Mila, for getting the ball rolling.

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