It spoke to me.

photo via pinterest

I was flipping through pinterest and stumbled upon this photo.
My jaw dropped. I died. and she spoke to me.

The hair. It spoke.
In the squeakiest of voices, it said "look at me, aren't I adorable"
I replied quietly, so noone else would hear me.. you know,cause I was talking to a photo, I said, "Yes. Yes- you are."

It was love at first glance.
I mean, we see this haircuts like this all the time. But this one. This one is different. Oh! is she different!

It has the slightest of angle, the perfect amount of fullness and the hint of graduated layers through the bottom. I am dying.
And maybe I want to put my face in it.(I KID!)--Or do I?

The silhouette of her face and the length of her neck plays up the simple white vneck, but that HAIR!

I love it.

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