Should I?? #Bangs

(photo via pinterest)

I am dying. I know, it is silly. I do.
I haven't had to make a decision like this in a long time.
When I used to work in a salon with the girls it was practically decided already.
I would find a beautiful photo, show it to a girl and they would say without any hesitation at all,
"Do it!"

I need a new look. I have a love/hate relationship with having bangs.
 I LOVE them- but I HATE growing them out.

If I was my own client, I would encourage myself to cut them. I love when other people are bold and spontaneous.

Last night I tossed and turned over this. Until 1 am. Apparently, this is a life or death concern for me at the moment. I know, my life is hard. (sarcastic)

What do you think?


DeeQDee said...

Do it! and then post a picture :)

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Mae said...

I feel the same way - I love having bangs but I also hate growing them. But I think having bangs is really cute and it makes one look younger. I say go for it and let us see the result :)