I love it when I am contacted to do a cyber consult, I love it even MORE when I am actually able to do their hair!
Catherine sent me a photo of her (then) ho-hum, shapless (sorry Catherine)
hair and I knew right away that this girl needed something short and (almost) edgy!
I sent her a couple photos of short hair that would flatter her face shape and she came back with
this Victoria Beckham short cut, which I have ALWAYS loved.

I explained to her that although Victoria Beckham's version has extension pieces laying throughout the front bang section (see for yourself) Hers will be just as cute and I will allow hers to lay a little more naturally for easy maintenance and regrowth.

We were both giddy with excitement thw whole cutting process.
I love doing hair, have I mentioned that?
She was beyond adorable and these pictures don't do justice!

Here she is, the new Catherine H.!

Is it time for you to get a new look?

Contact me for a Cyber Consult, and we can find a new look for you!

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