A reason to look good.

photo via pinterest

Sometimes I wish I could buy a fancy dress, a new pair of high heeled shoes, and have an excuse to schedule an appointment to have my makeup done. I need to embrace my femininity more than just taking care of my son and swiping a floral scented deodorant under my arms.

I want to back comb my hair and wear a heavy lid of eye makeup and go out, somewhere besides the grocery store with a pocket full of coupons and a weekly dinner menu plan.

I want a clutch filled with nothing but powder for my nose and stain for my lips. 

I want my man to open the doors for me and strangers to nod and smile.

Is that so much to ask?

What is your excuse to getting dolled up?


DeeQDee said...


Sofia said...

I love these hairstyles, H&M's hair models wear them on all their posters this season.

Samantha Ryder said...

wow. you look so gorgeous and so beautiful with that hairstyle, you look like a doll and I really really love it ♥

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Private Salon said...

i simply loved this

Kizufe said...

If you want to knew the reason for me, you could take any of that idea to being look good just for satisfied our needed and help us build our self confident.

rani said...

Fantastic hairstyle i love it i am going to wear it thanks.

Mark said...

no u do not demand too much... its your right. hehehe... by the way the hair styles are wonderful.

Jessi said...

Lovely pic. Is this a hair extension? My hair extension is also very good one..

Discounts Gyan said...
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Discounts Gyan said...

I Really love these hair styles.
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