Pink Cheeks

photo via pinterest

It is that time of year where when you walk outside and the cool wind nips at your nose and bites at your cheeks.
 Don't you love that?
 Don't you love when you have color coordinated your scarf to your mittens and you happen to walk by a window and catch your adorable reflection? You are adorable, and not just because of your perfect winter wardrobe, but because you probably have a little more color in your skin than you are used to, and it isn't from baking in the sun.

 Its all cool, baby.

Let's be honest, everyone looks better with a little color to their skin, nobody likes looking pale and sickly.

I had a friend in school that would always slap and pinch her cheeks and I never understood what she was doing until I got a little older and realized her mother must have taught her that.
Her mother was brilliant.

If you don't like to wear much makeup, give your cheeks a little pinch for a natural rosy look.


If you do like to wear makeup, I love my Nars Multiple. I add it to my cheeks,lips and eyes for instant color! 

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