DIY Hair::

What is it about Camilla Belle?
I mean, seriously?
Her perfect powdered skin, her undone but done lips, her subtle hazel gaze, or that every time you see her, she seems more beautiful than before. How is that possible?

Oh I know! It's that flawlessly tousled half up do that makes her look like the new girl next door.
Her hair.
Look at it.
LOOK at it again.


I know you all can do this at home!

This is what you need:

Hot roller set OR 1 inch curling iron and small clips
Flexible Hairspray
Mason pearson (or like) soft boar bristle brush
bobby pins

Curl your hair with hot rollers or a curling iron set, spray with hairspray (10inches away), create a part in your hair, back comb (with the tight teeth end of the comb) small sections off your face and at your crown, brush over softly with mason pearson (like) brush, and pull front sections or half of your hair back loosely. Make sure to keep that tousled volume (from curl set and backcombing) for the WHO CARES feel. Spray again,and admire.

You will look just like her.

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