Shiny Hair. for Everybody!

(photo via pinterest)

(sigh.... ) That blinding,slick,sleek smooth and shiny hair.
We may even compare our hair to the person sitting next to us- asking ourselves, "is mine shinier than theirs..?"
Shiny hair is attractive, it is a sign of good health, good hygeine. It appears to be clean and healthy, free of over processed, over styled junk.
I love it.
And. You love it.

Want to have it? Cause you can, you know.

This is what you should own.

Or Pureology's Shine max,I love this in my hair, especially because I don't always like to put product in my hair- I (pat it)apply it to the top of my head(NOT at my scalp) and run it through my ends. (sooo smooth)

Also- Don't be afraid to ask your stylist to throw a clear coat on your hair to maximize your shine with your next color! You will love how glossy your hair will look!

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