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There is a this silent but screaming trend right now and in the UK it is an even bigger deal.
I am talking about the undercut.
 You know the one?
Remember in the early 90's when the "bad girls" wore half their head shaved- so when they wore their hair in a ponytail you could see what they had done. They shaved it. Those girls used to scare me. I'm not lying.
Anyways, I am totally obsessed with the undercut these days, but I have to say, I am particular.
After many minutes/hours searching for the perfect example of what I am talking about I found only a few.

Here are a few tricks that I believe are needed to pulling off the perfect undercut and still looking lovely.

-NEVER shave the nape. Throughout my searches, this is really popular, and it even goes as far as carving out designs.(But I will say, I'm not opposed to steps,racing tracks or lightning bolts when done right, with a sense of humor and of course style- all depends on the girl, and done on the side(s) only) No girl can get away with this- it's just not pretty or flattering.
-NEVER bic it. If you want it to look like a terrible mistake or you have an incredible peculiar hairline, Never shave it to the scalp.It just looks bad. 
-Brush your hair.
-Curl or Style your hair.
-Wear some makeup
-Make sure you can hide it from your grandma
-Always be respectful- no matter what edgy style you have.
-but, Wear it with Confidence and a smile.

*These tips are purely based on my opinion- do what you want, but don't say I never warned you.

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91jordy said...

I just noticed this style and Wasn't came to actually shave it, so I got the side cut about 2 inches long like a pixie cut, left the rest long.. as a trial period. I love it. In a few weeks i will go back and get it shaved with a style traced ;) I love wearing it out, and easy to flip to a side pony for work as they deem this more professinal =)