I love long hair. Oh! I love long hair!
Did you know just how painfully hard it is to get real, natural volume out of hair past your collarbone?
Oh, it is.
Lemme tell you, It takes dirt. It takes combs. It takes brushes. It takes dirt. and it takes work.
It doesn't come naturally to most people- and if it does, well. I hate you..  (really.I don't. but I have some serious hair envy, in a real bad way)
Long hair with long layers doesn't always give you the volume you crave (But is usually how long hair is cut, because it is a safe 'go to' request because of the fear that your stylist may cut too much off your locks (Who does that?--snicker---).
It will most likely take shorter layers throughout your haircut to achieve more volume.
Bangs are a beautiful option to make boring long hair suddenly interesting and give you an entirely new look. I LOVE bangs!

Color your hair! Add light around your face to soften your look, or dimension through your ends to create a fuller more textured appearance. Color will add interest and different light to your long hair (you have probably been more focused on growing out that hair than actually taking care of it... am I right? or am I right? So- Don't forget to hydrate and treat your hair)

Buy some Hats!! Hats are the cutest right now!
Buy new styling tools! There are amazing curling irons/wands/brushes/waveirons/hotroller sets everywhere I turn!
 If you are giong to wear your hair long, you need to take the time to style it and appreciate it, otherwise do yourself a favor and chop it off! *biting fingernails..*
It's inevitable that your long.long hair will have bad.bad. hair days once in a while, but those are the days you should (lock yourself in your house) get creative and give yourself a braid,fishtail,updo, or high bun!

If what you have just isn't working,

 Tim Gunn would say
"Make it work"


On Stage Hair Design said...

I have long hair with long layers and sometimes it just lays all flat and sad. I think I'll take your advice and cut some shorter layers than I have no. Keep your fingers crossed for volume :)

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cas.jane said...

this is SO incitive! seriously i hate looking at people with long, and DULL hair. so sad lol. i use products from a brand called Original & Mineral, they have a root mousse called Rootaliscious which makes your roots defy gravity and a texturising spritz called Atonic which gives the midlength and ends a bit of a bounce and natural thickness, without feeling like youve got product in your hair. seriously a breakthrough in my hair philosophy lol. LOOK THEM UP serioulsy http://www.facebook.com/originalmineralofficial#!/originalmineralofficial