This one is for My Curly Sue.

I Love me a head of big curly hair. In fact, my husband once told me that he notices a woman with curly hair before he notices a woman with straight hair. (By the way, I have stick straight hair. :)

 Ouidad’s Rake & Shake method has made curly hair look SO incredibly easy to have!

Check out these styling tips!

-Ouidad’s Rake & Shake method is all about embracing the hair’s natural curl pattern. The key to creating beautiful curls is to create the curl pattern while damp and letting curls dry the way they were meant to, either naturally or with a diffuser. You are working with the natural curl pattern, not against it, which is what “scrunching,” blow drying or curlers can do.

-When blotting out moisture in step 1, be sure not to rub hair briskly or flip over. Both methods fragment curls and cause frizz.

-If you are looking to add height or volume, place Duckbill Clips at the root of the hair. Position clips to lift the hair evenly across the crown, working from front to back. To properly position curls, open clip no more than an inch wide. Gently slide along scalp and keep clip close to the roots.
-To break up any crunchy or stiff sections, rub a bit of Clear Control Pomade or Shine Glaze between your palms and in one motion smooth your hands over your hair from front to back as if you're creating a ponytail.
- Keep curls in place with an all over spritzing of Styling Mist.
-The Rake & Shake method isn’t just for long hairstyles, the method can be used on hair as little as two inches. If your hair is shorter than two inches, Ouidad suggests running styling product through the hair and positioning the curls and waves.
* I LOVE the Before and Afters!
Check out this Rake and Shake Tutorial
I am wishing badly that I had curly hair. Not only for my husbands case,But also for mine.
 You always want what you can't have.
 I cannot wait to try this product out on my Curly Q.clients!

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