Fade. Ask for it, Dudes.

Seriously Dudes.
I love me a perfectly blended fade.
Nothing is more delicious than a crisp neck line, and nothing grows out easier and better looking than a haircut with a faded neckline.

I can't tell you how often I find myself clawing my eyes out when I am stuck standing behind a man who's stylist has neglected such a crucial part of the entire haircut!

Alot of guys don't realize what a difference it makes to even have your hair cut nice and tight around the perimeter of their head.
But I promise you, when they have had it, they will never go back to the
Chia-head look EVER again.

Simply ask your stylist to make it nice and tight around your neckline (especially) Preferably, without holes. This is a test for your stylist, if she can't do this, she/he is NO good. Time to find a new stylist.
Good Luck Boys!

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