//Deep waves- Made Easy

Here is me Before. Blown straight. embracing my 70's inspired fringe.

 I responsibly applied a heat protectant through my ends before using my hot tool, which normally- I am guilty of skipping in my 'get-ready-routine'

Here is the new toy.
A deep waver for your locks.
<3 LOVE!

In under 10 minutes- This was so simple and so fun to use.
This was my first attempt-Next time I use it, I think I will take larger sections for a softer wave.

I have never been one to purchase beauty tools, I never really have had to. My hair is usually super short and has never been long enough to play with.

One of my goals this year is to keep it growing long,long,long!
I want hippie hair.


Laurén said...

Love it.

contests and such said...

I want hippie hair, too!
I have a Conair (i think- it's gold and black) one like this too. I put my hair in french braids at night with damp hair then the next day I use this to fill in the missing spots.

I am so glad I found your blog, there aren't a lot of good hair blogs out there.
Can't wait to read more!