When is your next appointment?

This is me. Coming at you with my scissors, reminding you it's time to get a trim.
Just kidding, that's not me.

But I am reminding those of you who haven't been in to get a haircut. You are probably long over do.

This is what I recommend for timing your next haircut, to keep your style, and to avoid a funk.

Pixie- 4 weeks (with Necktrims/bangtrims in between)
Above the shoulder 4-5 weeks
Shoulder length- 6 weeks
Below Shoulder- 6-8 weeks
Even Longer- 8-10 weeks
            Men- 4 weeks- 5 weeks TOPS(With Neck trims in between)

*Schedule a complimentary bang trim or a neck trim in between your services to just get you by for a couple weeks if you can't make it for a full haircut.

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Jen said...

My boys are needing cuts again... doesn't it seem too soon?