Foils vs. Balyage

I get oh so excited when women are interested in other options for coloring their hair, and I have been receiving lots of questions regarding this specific technique.

What is the difference between the balyage and regular head of foils?

The difference is the applications, and of course the look.
Instead of the regimented applications of slicing or weaving foils in the hair in perfect sections, balyage is done by taking strands or pieces of hair and applying the color directly on to the hair and either leaving them, or using cotton to seperate from the rest of the hair.

This technique gives a very natural, beachy, sunned- in look,somewhat grown out (depending on request) while foils give you the perfect,at the scalp,"naturally" super blonde look.

Both are beautiful options, and balyage doesn't always appeal to everyone. It take a bit longer, costs just a little more, but you dont have to get it done as often, if thats the look you appeal to. Foils are usually needed 6-10 weeks maitenance if you like to keep up your look and usually take less time to do in the salon.

Here are a couple photos of balyage looks, all different in little ways. 

Photo stolen from Google

Next time you are in the salon, ask your stylist if this is something that they can do for you!

You will definitely like this.

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