Feeling Fall?

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Most of you may think of sweaters,boots,bonfires,football games and crunchy leaves when you think of fall.
 But not me.

I think of none of those things, really.

All I think about it stocking my cabinet full of warmer,richer colors for all of my clients who are feeling inspired and ready to make their seasonal change to their look.

I LOVE fall because of this.

It is the time when my platinum blondes become butter blondes. When my butter blondes become my chestnut browns, when my chestnut browns become chocolately browns...
and my most favorit-est clients become......RED.

Not only are we ready for bump in the color wheel, but also in length. I envision shorter,stonger haircuts this fall.
Solid lines, heavy fringe and short short short.

Happy (almost) Fall Everyone!
Time for a new look!

*Email me a photo for a cyber consult so I can help you get ready for the next season!

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Black Hairstyles said...

Red hair this fall season,
Makes my beauty full of reason.
Reason to smile, reason to enjoy,
The beauty of fall season along with joy.