Pay Attention Next time.

Picture this.
You have an appointment with your most favorite hairstylist. (me..j/k)
She gives you the best cut ever, as usual and then styles it just perfectly.
You make the same joke that you always do, implying that you want to take (me) your stylist home with you so they could do your hair that way, everyday.

But while you are staring at yourself in the mirror, thinking... 'wow, geez... I look Hot, where am I going to go now...?' You miss all the important steps on how to recreate this look.

Which means...
 a) You might hate your hair in the morning.
b) You may attempt it, but it just doesn't look the same
c) You call your stylist right away for a quick lesson,tip or recut.

I know you all know what I am talking about here. Lets be honest. You could probably say that all of these have happened at least once.

You are completely normal.
Pay attention to your stylist, watch intently and listen to him/her as they educate you on product usage, styling tools and tips to styling your new cut.Ask them questions on why,what and how they are using those products in your hair.

You will gain a new trust in your stylist, and you will love your hair even more knowing you can do it.all.by.yourself.
Believe me.

Try it next time. I dare you.
Good luck.

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