Have you ever wanted to...

(photo via fffound!)

.....chop all your hair off or color it beautifully striking hue?

Have you ever wanted to change your look and never had the guts!?

Maybe it is time to find it in you to finally take the leap.

I always say...
 "It's just hair, you can always grow it back out or change it."

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andrea said...

I am the queen of this. Once my hair gets around my chin lenghth, I colour is dark from my super blonde usual. Then after I have it dark for like 2 months top I miss the lightness and start the process of getting my blonde back. After I have done appointment after appointment of highlights I chop all my lovely locks off and start the process of growing it again. Each time I go through the cycle I do change things up.
People always say " I wish I could do that, you look good with any sort of hair" and I always tell them you just get over your fears and you gotta do it and then own it.

Kristy Lynne said...

@Andrea. I love you. You are my dream client.