Boys and their love for long hair?

photo via fffound!

I've been doing hair for a while now and have noticed a trend among women.
Women of all ages.
I hear the same thing, over and over and over....
blah..blah..blah ..blah.... blah..

"I am thinking about going shorter, but my husband loves my hair long..."

I know honey, I hear ya, So does mine..

But, WHY?!

I feel like I look my best in shorter hair, It flatters my face shape and all my features best, while my long hair is either whipped up in a knot on my head or still wet because I can't get around to styling it.
What is so great about that?

I just don't know why Men prefer longer hair on their women?
Does anyone know why?


Reuben said...

I don't get it either. I've always preferred shorter hair on women.

Reuben said...

A second thought regarding the situation: A woman who loves her haircut but looks terrible with it is better than a woman who dislikes her hair but looks great with it. Confidence is way sexier than a haircut will ever be.

Anonymous said...

It's an evolutionary thing. A woman being able to grow long hair is a sign of good health and on an instinctive level, men see that woman as more capable of bearing healthy children. The same goes for the blonde stereotype- women with naturally blonde hair have higher levels of estrogen.

Love your blog btw.