Do you have a vision?

I love nothing more than when a client comes to me with a vision of a new look for themselves.
I love when they come inspired.
I love when they come prepared.
I love when they come ready.
I love when they come with photos.
I LOVE even more when they come with drawings of what they envision.

Have you ever drawn a hairdo you were wanting and had a stylist replicate it?


Jen said...

That's a fun idea! We love how you re-created Jaeden's look from the photo we brought you. She has been getting so many compliments! Thank you!

Becca said...

yes - YOU. I was told over and over again that I could never pull off short hair. Stylist after stylist: "you're hair is . . . *too fine *not damaged enough *not enough body . . . *wrong face shape . . . *you'd hate it, trust me." Well, they were wrong. And you were right. I love it. Thank you for short hair.