For the past couple days, I have had the priviledge to be using the HANAair Professional blowdryer 
I have been amazed at how incredibly comfortable the blowdryer is in my hand and how insanely fast I am able to dry my entire head!
Usually it takes at least 15-20 minutes to dry my hair, but this took half the time.
I gave myself a round brush hardset the other day to really test this baby out and
I never believe that a blowdryer itself can actually make my hair shiny and smooth- But this dryer did! My hair looked Hot.
I'm so vain.
I love the Italian design and the force behind the hot and cold shot. I could have stood across the room and dried my hair! (kidding of course)

After using a few different curling irons, blowdryers,flatirons and products.
 I am becoming more and more of a junkie.

Thank you Misikko for feeding my very addicting habit.

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