Wet to Dry Flat Iron Review

NuME WET&DRY Flat iron
You read correctly.
A Wet TO Dry Flat IRON.
Let me translate...
A flat iron that YOU can use on WET hair that not only straightens it, but also DRIES it!!

Say Whaaaaaat!?
That's exactly what I said!
I immediately thought that this was going to fry my hair right off my head!
I was so skeptical, I just had to try this.

Let me just start off by telling you that this flat iron excites me so much I could scream!
I am just imagining all my curly clients spending a whole lot less time in my chair.
There is no need to do a complete blow out!
I can rough dry, add a heat protectant creme, section off and use the flat iron and VOILA!

Done and Done!

Here is how it went for me.
I have naturally stick straight hair as it is, but I do have my fair share of fly aways, and lots of previous color services. I was worried that my hair would be crispy after using this on my wet hair.

After applying my favorite heat protectant, I towel dried my hair as recommended.

Then, I sectioned out the top from the bottom,
 making it easier to get through with my comb and flat iron.
Starting from the scalp sliding it through to the ends, section by section using a comb instead of my fingers. This hair gets HOT.HOT.HOT!
And not only flat but DRY!
 In no time!
Seriously this probably took me 10 minutes!

Instead of having to spend a whole 15-20 on drying it and then flat ironing, I did it all in one shot.

My hair didn't feel crunchy OR crispy.
It was super smooth and ultra soft.

I am in LOVE!

I cannot wait to bring this to work with me!

Go to this site to order yours today.


Anonymous said...

This is good post and nice information about hairs this iron is very good for wet hairs.When you are in hurry to go want to try your hairs this time is iron very good for save your time.
Thank you for sharing with us nice information.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your review it was really helpful especially the pics too! I'm buying this iron today at a steal thanks to the deal offered by Eversave & your input sold me on it!

Mollie said...

Just wondering if you are still using this on yourself or with clients? Do you still love it? How does it work on fine, frizzy, curly hair?

Thanks for posting this review, it was very helpful.