Below Deck

If you know me well, you know that I NEVER, and I mean
wear nailpolish, let alone purchase nail polish.
Yesterday,I turned a new leaf.
Every since having a baby- I have been embracing my 'womanhood'
and finding beauty in all things feminine.
I have found a new love for earrings,hair irons,floppy hats,COLOR,and now, Nail polish.

As I stood in front of the lovely array of colors, I thought to myself.. "I want the ugliest color of them all."
Because those always look the coolest.

I purchased, Below Deck- By China Glaze.
It's gorgeous. I love how monotone it is.
It's like a silent beauty of the bunch.

Its almost gray-almost brown- and almost purple.
Like, it can't make up its polish-mind, or something?
Anyways. I Love It!

(While my baby took a little nap, I swiped it on and hoped he wouldn't wake until they were dry.)

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