4 eyes//Window Face

I am a window face.

I mean, I am blind as a BAT! I can't see a thing without my contacts or glasses. Being pregnant just makes my vision worse, I am dying to get my eyes checked and to pick up a new perscription. With that perscription I am going to pick up some amazing glasses. I mean, BEST EVER. I want glasses that I have never had before. Real statement makers. Ya know!?

Something like these- From Tom Ford's line.

I love everything about these, -- I might feel a little funny rocking these out, but I LOve 'em!
They will be a great conversation piece!

ps. I wear my glasses mostly when I am at home, in my pj's, but if I had these, I think I would wear them... ALWAYS.

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Jen said...

Wait a few months after baby is born, I can't remember how many months my eye dr. told me. Your vision might change again after baby is born.