Question from an ambitious Male Follower

Think a guy could pull something like this off for a professional environment?


Follow up question:

What kinds of hairstyles do you recommend for working stiffs that have to be presentable in professional environments where being "hip" or "trendy" are not generally viewed as positive traits, and may, in fact, contribute to a loss of credibility as a professional?

Personally, I lOVE this guys hair, it's awesome! I do feel like if he styled it a little 'calmer' not so 'pomped/windblown'(Due to his ride in on his sweet bike?) and maybe with a bit of product it would look quite debonair, especially with the right outfit/work attire. With "hip" haircuts in the workplace, such as this-- it is all in how you style it, how you present it and how you smell. Ha. Kinda kidding about the last one, but seriously. If you look hot and smell good, no one will think twice. But come in with hair like that, holey shoes and a funky stink- you are pushing boundaries.:)

Answer to Follow up:
Sounds to me like this guy is in a funk, and wants something that shows personality, but still can keep it real in a professional environment. Here are some looks that I think work wonderfully in the work place, and still look awesome.
I am loving the man pomp.This can be worn at work or at play.
Although, I am sure you will be heckled by the guys at work if you came in to work with this tomorrow. It takes a secure man to rock this.

Here is a calmed down version that you could get away with. Throw some sweet non-perscrips on and your golden.
I love this European look, the side part that can either be styled somewhat textured/messy or as a faux hawk, and the detailed length behind the ears and in back is the best. I love this, this can be shaped into a modern 'mullet' and you would never know. Its an overall great look.
Oh my, this is a very manly look. This is for Men who have strong jawlines and a great head, not everyone can shave down the sides of their head and look this good. (ahh..David beckham....)
But this look is classic and real cool.
This can be worn messy, spiked or parted over. Classic
I thought this was fun, longer, shaggy and cool. I always think it is refreshing to see a little longer shaggy hair behind a desk.
Another classic. I love the natural texture to his hair, and the length on the sides, this is styled simply and classically, Its just easy to look at.

I hope that these looks looks give you an idea of hip and trendy ideas for you to sport even in a professional environment. All are just ideas, they can be customized to your face, your head, your ears, your sideburns and of course your hair texture.

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Reuben said...

Corporate america is killing all of our hairstyles. I'm not sure some of these would fly in my office, but I'm sure your ambitious male follower is quite appreciative of the advice. I like that red-haired guy's look.