Look at what I did! All by Myself!

I promise, I am not this vain. But this morning I was not excited about washing my hair, in fact, I was avoiding it at all costs. I decided, Hey! I am a hairstylist, I should be able to do my own hair right?
Well, I proved myself correct! I was so excited that I had to show you.
This was so incredibly easy, and now I believe that YOU can do it too!

All you need is a dirty head of hair, a comb, some bobbipins, and a good hairspray.

- I started off by sectioning my hair in 3 sections (Mohawk clipped, ear-across to ear clipped, and left the bottom, or nape down.)
-Take the Nape section and make a ponytail without pulling it all the way through, so an unfinished bun.
- Then start pulling hair from the next section, this is where you can do whatever you want! Take 1 inch sections make sure to backcomb so they have a good foundation and drape around,along,beside to the ponytail (make sure to cover your binder, and hid those pins, thats just tacky.) Also smooth out the backcombing-- no one likes a ratsnest.
-Continue draping, backcombing, smoothing and clipping, not to mention hairspraying
-The Front, depending on if you want a part or not, you can create any look you want, I personally went with a parted pomp. I backcombed and pulled it back off my face still keeping my part.

-Good Luck and Have fun!

Send me pics of what you did!


Amber Lianne said...

check out pictures of my hair from the wedding I went to a few weeks ago. (It's on facebook--Rachel & Josh's wedding) I did it myself, too. ;)

emily said...

1. I love this!

2. What do you recommend for people with a lot of fine hair? Mine is definitely not thin, but it's also very fine. All my hairstylists have told me it's just hard to deal with, but no one's given me great suggestions. I NEED to get my hair cut (it's a few inches past my collar bones now), but don't know what to do. Suggestions?