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 If you haven't yet noticed my 'formspring- Ask me Anything' Box, It's on the left hand side! And was very excited to get this wonderful Question! I am hoping that I will be able to answer it and guide you in the right direction.

Here is what someone has asked-

"What dry shampoo would you recommend for hair that doesn't really need a ton of volume but gets super greasy roots? I like to wash my hair on the third day, because otherwise it is sooo dry everywhere except the roots. Plus, as a new mom I'm pressed for s." (There was obviously a cut off on the question, but I think I get what she is asking)
My answer to this question, will be plainly from my own personal experience with dry shampoos.
Here is what I have been loving lately.
Product Description- Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Cleaning Spray A “dry cleaner” for the hair that gives body and the look of freshly washed hair, removes odours and all your sins from the night before.

Can be used as a texturiser for modern, matte looks. Contains fragrant oil extracts of Cassia and Orange Flower. When using a dry shampoo don’t think of it as a hairspray. It’s not for all over, you want to go for a light spray “on the roots, hair line and part line” ONLY, this will avoid the dusty look and remember to either rub with a towel or brush after using.

Use: Apply a fine mist onto dry hair and rub with a dry towel.

* I really like the smell of this-- it's so fresh and I am also someone who doesn't need much of extra volume or texture so I like the cleaner, lighter feel of this product.
* Dislikes- You MUST  consistenly shake this product while before and while using so it doesn't settle because of the 'spray-powder' technology.


FRESH.HAIR is a dry cleaner for your hair.
This revolutionary product will remove all your sins from the night before. FRESH.HAIR should be sprayed lightly onto the hair; rub with a dry towel then brush out unwanted product, dust and odours.

This product will freshen up your hair after an international flight or gym workout. Suitable for all hair types, especially fine hair.

*This product is also GREAT! It's very similar to the Dry Cleaner, but this is great for fine hair,and is more of a mist/lotion for the hair which you spray, then rub with a towel-- so not so much a 'DRY' shampoo, but will cleanse your hair without actually 'scrubadubbing, ya know?!

I hope I was able to answer your question!

You can find these products, HERE

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