Earlier this week I received an email from Darci, a loyal follower. She had questions concerning her hair and was interested in what I thought about it, and what I would do to it.
She attached this adorable photo, which made my job so much easier.
First off, she is gorgeous and look at those locks! Immediately you can tell she has a LOT of hair, and probably textured to some extent. The length is pretty but not ideal for her petite little face.

My ideas were to bring up her length to her collar bone with long, seamless layers that melt together with a sweepy bang. That way her big hair won't overpower her dainty features, and sweepy bangs will draw attention to her sparkly eyes while creating a soft cheekbone.

Here is how it turned out!


Maria said...

Gorgeous, Darci, gorgeous!

Labrum Family said...

I like it!!!