After rumors circled about Kate Moss' drug usage, I almost immediately turned the page and thought to myself, 'what a shame- what a waste of your life and (of such beauty)'. Once again, to hear something so Shocking and Disgusting.
No matter how beautiful she may be, this statement makes her UGLY.


Reuben said...

Boy this is gonna be an unpopular comment...

I don't really have a problem with her statement, & I think it's strange that she's getting thrown under the bus for this. I don't think the majority of contemporary society disagrees with her. She should have used the word "healthy" instead of "skinny," no doubt about it. Society has conflated the two, and her statement isn't helping us unravel the mess - but the two are not entirely unrelated. I'm guessing that every time most of us deny ourselves a donut it has just as much to do with us hoping to avoid unwanted weight as much as it has to do with being healthy.

I think that to really be upset about this, one has to believe that the word "skinny" has a negative connotation - that nobody should ever want to be skinny - that being skinny is undesirable. But I think it's largely a problem of semantics. What if she had used the word 'slender' or 'fit' instead of skinny?

Anonymous said...

I think healthy should always be the goal. For some of us "thin", "slender", or "skinny" is just not where our bodys would end up if we ate mindfully, healthily and exercised regularily. When I am not binging or restricting calories, and exercising regualrily, I always fall back to the same 160-165lbs and about a size 9 jean. That's not exactly "skinny" or "slender" or "thin". But for me, it is healthy.

For some, being thin is not possible without a large amount of pain and restriction. Thats why everyone's ideal body weight is different and we can't rely on those silly doctors charts, which tell me for my height I am obese during the times I have been at my ideal weight. Since when is a size 9 obese anyways? I think thats where the problem of wanting to be thin lies. It's not an attainable or healthy goal for everyone. Because thin does not always equal healthy.

Kristy Lynne said...

Reuben- I do agree with you in a sense, If anyone else would have said this, they may not have had the same reaction. But the fact that KATE MOSS, an already emaciated looking Super Model, who clearly doesn't eat(much) said this,it is an issue. Her word usage was wrong. I do believe if she used, slender, or any other word besides SKINNY, the statement wouldn't be so shocking. Unfortunately,Young girls look up to super models as icons, and role models. Young girls want to be "pretty, and famous" and when a "pretty and famous"super model says irresponsible comments such as these, it can be very devastating. Comments like this make young women question their body image. This is just ANOTHER thing for young women to become self-conscious. The world is confusing young women with where their focus should actually be. Young women need more reminders of how beautiful and smart they are, not how skinny and dumb you can be.