I can't help myself

I promise, I promise that this is a hair and beauty blog, and not another Twilight obsessed blog, (which is not a bad thing, I DO love me some twilight deets.) But I couldn't help myself from posting these absolutely stunning photos of Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson.
They look Beautiful!

I love how lady-like KStew looks for a change. Perez Hilton says that "if she looked like this more often, he (I) wouldn't tease her so much." (He is a little hard on her.)

Photos taken from Upcoming Harpers Bazaar -photo credit: Mark Seliger
I love her hair, in the retro rollerset waves, and deep side part and neutral- yet- saucy colors used for her makeup.(If Jessica Rabbit were a vampire, she would look like this.)
And for Rob- I'm loving the suit they chose for him, it fits so snug, I love it. And his hair looks impeccable. I actually kind of like that they keep his side burns a little unkempt. (I should say, NOT all men should strive for that look.Only Rob, sorry boys.)

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