Do You look like Bert?

I have Dark Eyebrows, thanks to my mother (Native Hawaiian)

Mine are nice and thick.
 If I don't keep up with them (as in) If I don't get them waxed, or tweeze in-between, they would look like .....

I like to think that I am doing everyone else a favor by keeping up with them so they don't feel the need to turn and giggle.
I feel like others should be just as considerate.

 Schedule an appointment to have your eyebrows done.
 It is such a treat.
 Besides, Eyebrows frame your face and create life to every expression.
Embrace it.

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Anonymous said...

I think my eye brows are my least favorite thing to take care of. When I tweeze, I get all sneezy and my eyes start watering.... I should try getting them waxed, I hear it is less painful and it sure wouldn't take as long!